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Heaven on Earth

What does “Bringing Heaven to Earth” mean in practical terms?

Most of the utopian communities of the 18th and 19th centuries fell apart because the members were trying to create an ideal life without tools for expanding consciousness and resolving conflict. In contrast, the Beyul is founded with the understanding that consciousness is the basis of life. Thus, to bring heaven to earth requires expanding consciousness so that each individual functions with an appreciation of the whole and recognizes that everyone, including themselves, is an invaluable part of that whole.

The Beyul’s fundamental premise is that each of us is dropped into a gigantic, personalized puzzle when we are born. Our task and the purpose of our lives is to take the puzzle pieces we are given and discover how they fit together to create an integrated whole.

Each of us has to solve our own puzzle. No one can do it for us. Yet, as we solve the puzzle of our own lives, we begin to discover success and harmony in that area. When one solves the puzzle of finances, they begin to enjoy financial comfort. When one solves the puzzle of relationship, they begin to enjoy a loving, connected relationship. When one solves the puzzle of consciousness itself, they are at ease in any situation with any outcome, neither attracted to nor repulsed by anything.

Thus, the purpose of the Beyul is to provide an environment that gives Members the tools, resources, and connections to solve the puzzle of their own life.

Such an environment requires the use of both ancient and modern knowledge.