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About the Beyul

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. 

To change something, build a new model 

that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller


The world is in transition. With that transition has come polarization. On one side are the forces that pull us apart, rooted in fear. On the other, the forces that draw us together, rooted in love. The Beyul has been formed to exponentially expand the power and reach of the forces that draw us together.


At this point, the Beyul is committed to identifying and partnering with 20 more founding members who understand it's imperative to realize their own fullest potential to create meaningful personal and global transformation.


These are people who've enjoyed significant material and professional success yet know that their own inner life is reflected in the world. They are visionaries who believe it's possible to remove the boundaries that separate heaven and earth when we integrate the inner and outer aspects of life. Our mission together is to create models of what life can be like when those boundaries dissolve.