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The Beyul Community




t butterflyThe Beyul Club is envisioned as a place where people come together who are committed to creating positive change, in themselves and in the world. The Club plans to provide access to some of the world's best training in the major areas where life's challenges arise, including an online community with both personal and social action groups.

These events will include:

  • Special presentations by Club Patrons
  • Networking activities so Members and potential Members have the chance to get to know each other
  • Mastermind exercises so Members have the chance to get ideas, resources and contacts for their passion projects from other Members, and
  • Adventures to remarkable places where we'll have transformative experiences

1) Personal Action Groups

These structured groups are planned to be organized by topic--Relationships, Health, Entrepreneurship, Business, Spirituality, etc. The Club will provide a structure for setting your intentions for the coming three months, creating your personal plan for realizing those intentions, and then completing insightful self-evaluations at the end of each quarter. In the process, you'll be part of a group of like-minded people supporting you all along the way.

2) Social Action Groups

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The Club expects to organize these groups around 10 major global issues, such as: Terrorism and Conflict, Environment and Sustainability, Hunger and Poverty, Fair Trade and Working Conditions, Organic Food and GMOs, Universal Access to Education, etc. Groups will choose whether they want to work on a local issue in their area or a global issue. They'll identify a non-profit they believe is already doing great work in their area of focus and invite the non-profit to facilitate their group. They'll create action plans and implement them, and if they choose, prepare a presentation for the Club's Annual Conference of Thought Leaders.