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Member Discovery Events

Several times per year, the Beyul plans to offer Members the opportunity to attend special multi-day “Member Discovery Events” that are also open to potential Members who are considering joining the Beyul. These events are for the purpose of allowing Members to discover the missing pieces of their own life puzzle--whether through connection with other Members or potential Members, in their relationships with their spouse or children, through new knowledge, or through leveraged opportunities to advance their own passion project.

These events may include special presentations by Beyul Patrons, networking activities so Members and potential Members have the chance to get to know each other, mastermind exercises so Members have the chance to get ideas, resources and contacts for their passion projects from other Members, and fun excursions to create the opportunity for bonding.

The purpose of these events is to allow Members the chance to physically connect with other Members and build a real community.

Both before and after opening of the Beyul’s first Resort, these events are planned for luxury resorts in locations around the world. Members will only pay their travel, hotel and food expenses. Potential Members will pay $10,000 plus travel to attend.

Once the first Resort is open, the Beyul expects to hold Member Discovery Events at the Resort 2-3 times per year. When Members come for these events at the Resort, they may stay for up to a week (from Saturday through Sunday), and this week is planned to be in addition to the week at the Resort they receive as part of their Membership. Attendance at Discovery Events will be by reservation with priority given to Members who haven’t attended an event previously.