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Dharma Accelerator Program

The Beyul intends to offer Members a unique experience that combines personal discovery, family vacations, realization of personal passion projects, and social impact. To this end, new Members will participate in the Beyul’s Dharma Accelerator Program to launch them on their personal journey. The Dharma Accelerator Program will be included as part of the membership for the primary Member, and for an additional fee for other family members or, for Corporate Members, for other team members.

Dharma is a Sanskrit term that refers to the force of evolution that is drawing each of us forward to grow, expand, and to fulfill the unique role for which we were born. To discover one's dharma is to discover the flow of one's life that leads to ever-increasing experiences of purpose, joy, and fulfillment. The Dharma Accelerator Program is based on many decades of investigation and practical application in the lives of thousands of people around the world. This program now will provide members with a pathway to fulfill their personal destiny.

As currently conceived, this program will include:

  1. Pre-membership Weekend Event

    Multi-day events offered several times per year that provide an Introduction to the Beyul, opportunity to meet and socialize with Members and potential Members, learning opportunities with Beyul Patrons, and an invitation with incentives to join the Beyul during the weekend.

  2. Module 1

    Review and assessment of where you currently are in life with your Personal Learning Consultant (“PLC”). This will include where your most significant challenges are, what your unique genius is, what your primary passions are, defining or discovering your personal passion project, and what you believe you need in order realize your vision. Module 1 will include several assessments plus a one hour reading with an experienced Jyotish consultant (ancient science of timing) to identify the upcoming trends in your life. After the first year, Members may choose to have an annual Jyotish consultation for an additional fee.

  3. Module 2

    Guidance in creating your personal life vision. This vision will be used by your Personal Learning Consultant to design your personal learning program and passion project implementation plan.

  4. Module 3

    Coming Year Targets. Your PLC will work with you to identify up to three (3) personal targets (e.g. weight goals, relationship goals, financial goals, etc.) and up to three (3) social impact targets for the coming year. During this module, your PLC will schedule you for Member events during the coming year. Prior to opening of the Resort, these events will be held at rented facilities and you will just pay for your travel, hotel and food costs. Once the first Beyul Resort is complete, your PLC will schedule your visits to the Resort during this module.

  5. Module 4

    Passion Project Implementation Plan Meetings with your Personal Learning Consultant. During these meetings you will be guided through a step-by-step process to assess, plan, and develop the next stages for your personal passion project. This plan will serve as your guide in the development of your passion project during the coming year.

  6. Module 5

    Personal Learning Plan Meeting with your Personal Learning Consultant. During this meeting your PLC will help you design your learning program for the coming year, including which Patron courses will best support your growth. Your PLC will then assist you in registering for the courses you’ve identified for the coming year.

  7. Module 6

    Creating enlightened alliances. Your Personal Learning Consultant will provide you with a list of contacts, resources, and relationships to support your passion project and will arrange introductions as needed.

  8. Module 7

    Your Personal and/or Social Impact Group. Based on the outcomes of the previous modules, your PLC will recommend a Personal Action Group where you can have the support of other Members in achieving your personal targets and a Social Impact Group where you can work with other Members who have complementary social impact targets. You will have the option to meet monthly with these groups, or you can choose to participate only in either the Personal or Social Impact Groups or in neither (not recommended - results are most likely to happen when you have a team supporting you).

Each year, your PLC will walk you through these seven steps to update your passions, your vision, your targets, your learning plan, your passion project implementation plan, and your participation in Personal and Social Impact Groups so you always have a clear set of intentions for the coming year.