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The Vision

t bubbleThe Context - Higher Consciousness for Conscious Influencers

Our world is at a junction point. As a friend recently said, it’s as if “global awakening is in a race with global annihilation.”

The Beyul has been designed to help make sure that global awakening wins that race. Our fundamental premise is that solving our world's pressing issues requires expanding to a new level of awareness and personal experience.

The Beyul aims to promote ways to accelerate the pace of global awakening by providing a variety of forums to increase opportunities for connection, collaboration, and leverage among conscious leaders throughout the world who are contributing to positive global transformatoin. 

In this context, "global awakening" means waking up from the illusion that we are separate, disconnected individuals and creating new structures, methods, and policies that recognize life is one inter-connected whole. 


Beyul membership is for people from all parts of the world who've enjoyed material and professional success and are committed to creating a new kind of world—a world that fully expresses the infinite potential of human life. Such a life integrates the spiritual and material. By exploring the full range of human consciousness, the Beyul intends to create models of life where the veil between heaven and earth is lifted.

The Beyul is committed to identifying and partnering with individuals and/or families who understand it's imperative to realize their own fullest potential to create meaningful personal and global transformation. On a practical level, that means developing and expanding consciousness. That's why the Beyul will use physiological correlates of higher states of consciousness to measure members' progress annually.

Founding members will provide the foundation and core for the expansion of the Beyul. Through their vision, the Beyul will provide a structure for expanding and measuring the growth of consciousness as the basis for meaningfullly connecting heaven and earth and for creating massive social impact through a global network of influencers.

The Club's founding members are . . .

Conscious - They view life as one integrated whole. They’re committed to exploring the full range of human possibility, including higher states of consciousness.

Contributing to Global Awakening - They have passion projects or a vision to create projects that will significantly contribute to global transformation.

Professionally Successful - They’ve demonstrated their ability to “get things done” through their past successes. New members will say, “If they’re a founding member, I want to join.”

Financially Independent - They have sufficient financial resources that money is not their primary motivation for taking action.

Founding members will be lifetime members and share in the ownership of the Beyul. 

All Beyul members will have access to over $100,000 of personal and family benefits each year. Benefits will include member events, private and group consulting, a 7-part process for clarifying one's dharmna along with an implementation plan, contacts and resources to leverage it, access to world-class training, consciouness "check ups" annually, meditation instruction (as appropriate), and more. Owner/members who purchase fractional ownership in a home at one of the Beyul's resorts will also have vacation use of a 3,000 sq. foot home for at least four weeks per year plus additional time when attending Beyul member events, courses, and annual conferences.

Beyul Resorts

The Beyul intends to build its first "Beyul Resort"  in Costa Rica, on the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the world's "blue zones," where people live to 100 years at ten times the rate they do in other palces. Each Beyul Resort will be a place using both ancient wisdom and modern emergent wisdom to provide an environment that is simultaneously beautiful, profound, and practical. Beyul Resorts will be designed to invite the highest values of life into the lives of the Beyul's members and through them, into the world. They will be built using the best methods for sustainability. They'll be designed to support a regenerative economy that can serve as a model of what's possible. The Club's long term goal is to create a replicable process and to build such "beyuls" in beautiful locations around the world. 

The Beyul's resorts will include private, gorgeous homes sold in fractional shares that include 10-year membership in the Beyul. Owner/members will have full access to and use of the resort, the online platform, the Ayurvedic spa, and a global community of influencers.

If you're interseted in learning more about becoming a founding member of the Beyul,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.