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Corporate Membership

Companies that want their key team members to have regular, annual training can join the Beyul as Corporate Members. Up to five (5) team members from the company will be able to participate in the Beyul’s Patron courses, whether sponsored at the Beyul’s Resorts or in other locations by Patrons. These courses, led by Beyul Patrons, will include business management, marketing, sales, online marketing as well as support in relationships, health, finances and more.

In addition, Corporate Members will have the use of one of the Beyul Resort's 3-bedroom 1,250 square foot (125 sq. meter) villas for a week a year to use as an incentive for top performers, special clients, or for the owners' personal enjoyment.

Corporate memberships provide five years of membership benefits, but companies who enroll before the first Beyul Resort opens will be able to enjoy the training benefits of Club Membership starting in 2017, while their 5-year Membership will not officially begin until the first Resort is open (scheduled for Spring, 2021). That means they will enjoy the training benefits of membership through 2026.

Corporate membership is $50,000 which amounts to about $2,000 per team member per year.